Best Men’s Spa NYC Expert List Of Authentic Best Spas In NYC

best men's spa nyc

Searching for the best men’s spa NYC is not hard to find because I have made it easy for you to find the Top men’s spas in new york city which are my favorite Male Massage Spas without further ado Let me give you a review of each Men’s spa NYC here in this blog and I will start with my #1 Male Massage Spa which is HushManhttan SPA:

Best Spa In NYC


Hush Manhattan
Hush Manhattan Spa NYC

Hush Manhattan Men’s Spa one of the Legitimate Spas I have ever been to in New York City. It’s in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen Near Time Square Hush Spa is inside of a building apartment on the first floor it’s very relaxing, and has 3 rooms and a small waiting station in case you arrive a little bit earlier than your scheduled appointment. Hush Manhhatn NYC spa is owned and operated by American Individuals.

Almost All Rooms are used for Male Massages but also being used for other services such as:


  •  Made from all-natural ingredients (organic sugar, water, and lemon juice), Sugaring is the new frontier of hair removal. Sugaring replaces the waxing process, which uses artificial ingredients that can be harsh on the skin. The result of smooth and soft skin without the use of potentially harmful irritating chemicals.


  • This includes Sugar Waxing, Trimming, and Shaving.


Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Sports Technique.​



  • Exfoliate dead skin cells and intensely hydrate your skin using heat.  Beginning with a dry brush massage exfoliation, cleanse, then moisture as we wrap you up in a thermal heating wrap for deep penetration. ​


  • A meticulous full-body exfoliation process using only the best skin rejuvenating scrubs. This experience will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. A perfect addition to any massage.​


  • A full-body service that begins with a full-body natural sugar exfoliation followed by an all-natural green clay, raw honey, and essential oil body mask. Green clay is known to absorb oils, toxic substances, and impurities from your skin, while its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing circulation to the skin. Honey helps with the natural exfoliation process and acts as a humectant, drawing moisture from the air generating long-lasting hydration to the skin, while clarifying and keeping pores clean. This experience will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. A perfect addition to any massage.​​


  • Foot reflexology reduces tension throughout the nervous system and helps restore the normal subtle flow of energy. Foot Scrub: An exfoliating foot treatment using our custom blend of raw sugar and salt scrubs.


  • ​One hour-long exfoliation, refinement mask, extractions, treatment mask, and massage of the face, shoulders, hands, and arms. ​

30 Minute Express Ready Set Go Facial Massage

  • A targeted 30-minute aromatherapy facial massage when you need to focus on hydration and relaxation before a big event, or a quick touch you up to exfoliate, extract, and reduce a minor breakout, redness, and inflammation.

60 Minute Facial Massage

  • A customized aromatherapy facial massage based on your own skin needs and concerns.  A head-to-toe relaxation experience that includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and treatment masque.  Also includes light upper body massage (head and shoulders), hand and arm, and reflexology (calves and feet).

75-Minute-Deep Exfoliation Clean Up Facial Massage 

  • A targeted facial focused on exfoliating and clearing up congestion, breakouts, and inflammation.  Using an ultrasonic skin scrubber, LED light technology, and high-frequency electrical impulses to deeply exfoliate and clear up your skin.

75 Minute Anti-Aging and Hydration Facial Massage 

  • A targeted facial focused on reversing the clock on aging and increasing overall hydration.  Using high-frequency electrical impulses, LED light technology, and micro-current lifting technology to tighten and lift your skin.

90 Minute Facial Massage 

  • An extended facial massage begins with a relaxing and invigorating warm foot bath and scrub. Followed by a customized aromatherapy facial massage.

Eye Treatment 

  • A targeted treatment to reduce heaviness, discoloration, and fine lines in the eye area.  Includes targeted micro-current to tighten and lift the eye area.

Back, Butt, or Chest Treatment 

  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating light massage focused on relaxation and extractions targeted to reduce congestion and inflammation.  A relaxation experience that includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and treatment masque.  You will feel refreshed and renewed.

Men’s Spa Package

hush manhattan Men's Spa Package
hush Manhattan Men’s Spa Package


Here’s a Picture of the Hush spa NYC Google Reviews and also a picture from inside the spa as well

hush spa nyc
hush spa NYC

ABOUT Hush Manhattan

Hush Manhattan is home to a craft of ancient body care services, for the everyday man. Our mission is to reinvent the entire spa experience to one befitting the modern man. Hush Manhattan provides an environment that is both professional and comfortable. Our skilled team delivers high-level service with genuine client care – A gentleman’s guide to redefining handsome.

I highly recommend that you visit Hush Manhattan Men’s spa for all your body treatment needs. The staff is Legendary highly skilled, and the spa is very clean and always sanitized you can mention our Site By ALEX. To anyone there and they will take good care of you such as a discount or a longer session.



NEW PARADISE MEN’S SPA is my second favorite Men’s spa in new york city because of its friendly staff, ambiance, professionals in their field. they are also located in Hell’s Kitchen on 53rd

  • New Paradise Spa is owned and operated by Chinese individuals.

Here are some of The NEW PARADISE MEN’S SPA Services:


Each of our masseurs, regardless of prior experience, personally trains with Luke Park before seeing clients in our spa. We supplement this experience with continuous technical training and method instruction to provide you with the best massage experience possible.


  • Thai Yoga Massage

  • Significantly reduce the risk of muscle injury, increase muscle mobility and flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety. In performing this unique healing art, our therapists use their hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of gentle yoga-like stretches while massaging the muscles, tendons, pressure points, and meridians.

  • Body Ceremony is a popular body treatment. it exfoliates first and hydrates your skin after treatment.


  • Microdermabrasion
    European Facial
    Anti-Aging Restoration Facial
    Acne Facial Treatment
    Tightening Invigorating Ginseng Facial


  • Hair Removal With Sugaring
    Hair Removal With Wax
  • Hair Removal With Trimmer



Men’s Spa Package

Visit NEW PARADISE MEN’S SPA Package Links

Here’s a picture of the NEW PARADISE MEN’S SPA Google Reviews

new paradise men spa review
new paradise men spa review

ABOUT New Paradise Men’s Spa

New Paradise Men’s Spa was created to give men a tranquil place to be pampered. The busy professional man needs a respite from the hustle and bustle of life in the concrete jungle, and for that, he need look no further than right here. Our services; which include massage, waxing/sugaring, manicure + pedicure, facials, and skin treatments, are designed by men, for men. Unlike other spas, we only focus on what men need, and nothing else.

I Highly Recommend Visiting the new paradise men’s spa new york NY for total relaxation.

3- Energy Men’s Spa NYC

Energy Men's Spa NYC
Energy Men’s Spa NYC


Energy Men’s Spa NYC is my 3rd Favorite Male Massage Spa in New York City and this time Energy Sps is located in The Chelsea area by 23rd St so if you are close to this area this’s your goto Spa without hesitation the spa is own and operated by Chinese Individuals who are highly skilled and trained Male masseurs and estheticians but I highly recommend doing Facials at Hush Manhattan Spa because they are the best honestly. 

Here are some of The Energy Men’s Spa NYC Services:

  • BODYWORKS ( Male Massage )
  • BODY TREATMENT ( Body Scrub )
  • Eyebrows – Chest – Stomach – Full Arm – Half Arm
    Under Arm – Full Legs – Half Legs – Bikini – Brazilian – Buttocks – Full Body
  • Express Facial – Gentlemen Facial 

Men’s Spa Package




Here’s a picture of the Energy Men’s Spa NYC Google Reviews

energy men spa nyc review
energy men spa nyc review

I Recommend Visiting the energy men’s spa NYC if you are in the area and don’t want to travel to another Male Spa in the city.

4-  27 men spa 

27 men spa
27 men spa

27 men spa is my 4th but should have been my 2nd favorite Male Massage Men’s Spa because I prepared the List this way without further ado 27 Men Spa is a really unique and very clean spa with highly skilled staff that know what they doing what I like most about the spa are the design and interiors inside its very Heartwarming and Zen. 

Best Spa In NYC


27 Men Spa Owned and operated by Chinese individuals who own 2 Male Massage Spa on the same Block of 27th & 8, 7th AVE. 

Here are some of The 27 Men Spa NYC Services:

Bodywork – Body scrub

And that is all they focus on working inside the spa what makes them special in Best Male Massage Spa.

Men’s Spa Package

27 Men's Spa Package
27 Men’s Spa Package


About 27 Men Spa

27 men spa was established in May. 2018 in order to support our LGBTQ community. Our story started from a tiny 350 sqt space but has been growing faster than any other same type men spa in NYC. Now we are operating two locations on the same street, which bring us opportunities and environments to offer you more choices of services and prices. 

Here’s a picture of the 27 Men Spa Google Reviews

27 men spa review
27 men spa review

I highly recommend going and even travel to go to 27 Men Spa because it’s worth going to have the best relaxation massage session you won’t regret going there.

5- Why Not Men’s Spa

why not men's spa
why not men’s spa

Best Spa In NYC


Why not men’s spa NYC is the 5th Male Massage Spa on my list and let me tell you about why not men’s spa NYC and why it’s on my list among all the best spas in NYC is because they are acutely one of the best spas in NYC today in 2021 and they offer so many Fascinating services that will keep you coming back more often. 

Why not men’s spa owned and operated by Chinese individuals and they are located on W4 Street and inside the decoration and designs are Authentic and relaxing, the staff is highly skilled and well trained you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of The Why Not men’s Spa NYC Services:

Body Massage

We provide professional body massage, reflexology, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage. There are various health benefits to regular massage treatment, such as; decreased pain, increase in blood flow, less anxiety, reduce stress, decrease muscle tension, and much more. 

Waxing & Trimming

Our waxing services will keep you well-groomed while feeling clean and smooth. We can provide waxing and trimming for your face, chest, back, arms or legs. We also use waxing devices with good anti-allergy products.

Manicure & Pedicure

Get a sophisticated look with our professional nail services. Keep those nails clean and avoid all the discomforts and bacteria that can come from poor nail care. All of our manicure and pedicure services include bathing and hydration.

Facial Treatment

We use luxury skincare products and professional beauty devices in order to exfoliate and clean the face. We also provide face massages and use facial masks to achieve a smooth, clean feeling.

Body Scrubbing

We provide body scrubbing which will make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. Body scrubs help remove dead skin cells, boosts circulation, and helps increase your nymph nodes. The refreshing texture against your skin will also have you feeling amazing, an experience that will boost your mood as you continue your day or evening.


About Why not men’s spa

Here at Why Not Man’s Spa we specialize in providing therapeutic massage for men at an affordable price. We are client-focused and make sure to always keep you feeling healthy and relaxed after each therapy. We believe massage therapy is an extremely important aspect of healthy living, it will help you maintain a healthy body and can even heal an injury or chronic pain.

Some of the services we offer are body massages, waxing & trimming, manicure & pedicure, and facial treatment. All the services that we offer have health benefits that will lead you to live a happier and healthier life, we also make it mandatory to use clean and anti-allergic products.


Men’s Spa Package

 why not Men's Spa Package
why not Men’s Spa Package


Here’s a picture of the Why Not Men’s Spa Google Reviews

why not men's spa review
why not men’s spa review

I highly recommend visiting Why Not Men’s Spa because its one of the best spas in NYC

6- Bodywork Station Spa

bodywork station spa
bodywork station spa

Bodywork station spa is my 6th and last Male Massage spa on the list of best men’s spa NYC Part 1. This spa is owned and operated by Malaysian – Chinese individuals and the staff are multinationals and they offer male massage and female massage and also Ts Massage and the owner owns over 6 of the best spas in NYC some locations have all varieties of staff but most are just for females and only 2 locations are for Males and Ts which is located on 10th ave and 48 street the spa has nice rooms and highly trained male masseurs who know what they doing. 

Best Men’s Spa NYC


Here are some of The Bodywork Station Spa NYC Services:

Bodywork Station Spa only offers Massages.

Which makes them very specialize in Male Massages or Females Massage in New York City Hell’s Kitchen. they often switch Masseurs and masseuses between All Spa locations and they always hire new Staff and they have a huge number of Male Masseurs and Female Masseuses.

Here’s a picture of the Bodywork Station Spa Google Reviews

bodywork station spa review
bodywork station spa review


I recommend Visiting Bodywork Station Spa only if you have no other options in Hell’s Kitchen New York City.

I Am Finally Done with my Review About the best spas in NYC for Men’s Part1.

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